In fall 2021, a partnership was created with Art Feeds and Folsom Elementary to produce a student designed mural. Over 360 Folsom Elementary students participated in the mural curriculum once a week in conjunction with art class to walk through the steps of the mural making process. This mural, which will be placed in the hallway at Folsom Elementary, will be revealed to the students and staff for the first time on Friday November 19th at 9:00 am.

Throughout the mural curriculum, the students chose the theme of “Friendship and Unity” and
voted on the color pallet of “Peppy Pastels”. The mural was designed by over 360 students this fall, and every student’s artwork is featured in the final mural design. The mural will be in the school hallway for students, staff, parents and community members to enjoy at 14' wide by 8' tall in size, and made of porcelain tile. The event will be streamed live on Folsom Elementary and Art Feeds Facebook page for parents and community members to enjoy. This mural was made possible by fundraising efforts by art instructor Mrs. Law and a generous donation of tile and printing by Whitehill Enterprises.

Over 4 weeks in August and September, Art Feeds mural curriculum was used by Mrs. Law’s art class to facilitate the student’s design and production process. By collaborating to create murals, students are invited to take ownership of the creative process and in turn experience pride in the finished product. Every student has something in common at the end of a mural project. Though brief, Art Feeds mural projects not only provide opportunities for creative expression and arts education, they also emphasize collaboration, problem solving skills, expression, risk taking, confidence building and student empowerment. Art Feeds believes these methods equip the students for further success in life and education.

Folsom Elementary Principal Shannon Cantrell shares, “ I am happy and excited for all of our
students - they have been working hard on this common project for several weeks. I love the theme, ‘Friendship and Unity’ - it perfectly fits our Folsom Family values. We are very thankful to Art Feeds for this opportunity as well as to Mrs. Law, our art teacher, who raised funds and connected our school with this wonderful organization.”